Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Favorite Caps of Breaking dawn Trailer - Edited

Well, lets face it breaking dawn is all about that feather and that pillow:)

I couldn't stop myself from laughing about tripping Edward:)) what happened to the big guy that usually gives a hand?

Sprinkles on the pretties :)

Those lenses did give Rob pain "puffy" the vamp lover but still slayer of twi-hards:)

 Bella's hair and veil I can't be more happier with my wedding photos they are 15 years old and I was styled in the same exact way except for the braid, Apotamkin happy:)

Edward's dream finally coming true and his happiness just fills us with joy, doesn't it:)

Edward's shirt and look is just parallel to that of Twilight when he shows Bella his room for the first time only the room had "No Bed" but now it's a bed for which a movie was made lol!

Why does Edward have a tan? or is it the dim lighting? Well it was a chance to flaunt some ice cold marble skin, I think:)

I love Edwards line " The best night of my existence!". Well, guys watching Breaking Dawn will be the best night in mine:)


:s Life is not all about happy moments, this should have been a happy one! poor kidos:/

I loved the trailer and I have cropped my favorite caps. It is just going to be beautiful, I just wish the dialogs where longer and less dramatic:) Bravo..


Anne said...

Hey its my favorite caps too, I love all of it. Good job friend. Can't wait for November's gonna be awesome.

Apotamkin said...

Anne thank you so much dear for writing :)) I can't wait either looks just awesome Gosh the wait is a killer!

woobie said...

My favorites as well! I could gaze at them all day. You don't think the pic with Edward touching the belly is a happy moment? It might be when he hears Renesme for the first time... just saying. You're right with your wedding attire, very similar. Hope your wedding was as magical as this one here is going to be!

Apotamkin said...

Woobie:) i think u r right it could have been before all got worse bella still looks great - my wedding was nice set in a small hall with close family and friends, love bella's outdoor wedding the background is so beautiful. her dress top is partially revealed long sleeves wide neck cut. the ring is way better :)

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