Monday, July 23, 2012

Rob and Kristen Shine at Teen Choice Awards

The 14th Teen Choice Awards granted the Ultimate Choice Award as well as Choice Movie Romance for the fourth installment of the franchise Breaking Dawn part I. Twilight lead actors Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner received their colorful surf boards, and in a gesture of gratitude the on and off screen couple Rob and Kristen gave away their boards to their loyal screaming fans! 
Kristen got also choice romance movie actress for Breaking Dawn - Part 1 and choice female summer movie star for Snow White & the Huntsman!
CONGRATS! love the color coordinated beautiful RobSten xx


JGM1721 said...

Well, I see they are still friendly with each other. There is some not so nice news about Kristen and her married SWATH director-- in People. I was shocked by that, to say the least.

Apotamkin said...

it is not true Jan - tabloids are relentless!

JGM1721 said...

Maybe so-- however, I woke up to it on my radio this morning. People magazine has a statement from her and him apologizing. Then the NBC Today Show reported it as well.

If this is simply tabloid manipulation, it is overreaching to an extreme. I have never seen something reported to this extent on non-tabloid media. So make of it what you will.

woobie said...

We are all shocked and speechless about this. Lamiaa was holding on the longest I think. Nobody wanted to think there's truth in the news. Sad. I'm just really floored about our fan-heart-breaks all over the globe. We wanted to believe that their love was true and pure and forever after. But the truth is, they are human, highly payed celebrities, young and STUPID. That's Real Life for ya. As ugly as it gets.

Honestly though, why are WE so hurt about it?

JGM1721 said...

It is such a disappointment but as I told Lamiaa-- we really know very little about them as real people. We only know them in the roles they play and the bit of themselves they put out there for us to see. And often, we may not even be seeing what we think we do.

Kristen is so young and she has made a very public and humiliating mistake. She has worked very hard to hide her relationship with Rob from the public-- yet she foolishly let her very foolish behavior be seen by the LA paps who have now put it out there for the world to see. Reckless and immature behavior.

It is interesting that her public apology was seemingly aimed at Rob and for the first time, she claims she loves him. Well, real life love isn't always so true and pure. Real life people screw up all the time. She may have caused irreparable harm to her relationship with Rob. Or maybe she will attempt to rise above her indiscretion and work hard to try to mend things. Sometimes infidelity can never be forgiven but sometimes it can be forgiven and overcome and make a relationship stronger than ever.

Hollywood celebrities rarely show true grit in real life and just move on to someone else. Time will tell what this relationship has for a foundation.

Yes, very disappointing but about par for the course when it comes to celebrities and romantic relationships.

Hey, Woobie-- nice to see you!

Anonymous said...

i cant believe it! i hate kristen for doing this!

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