Sunday, May 20, 2012

Apotamkin Goes to SWATH Premiere!

It all began with a cold rainy London morning when I headed to Leicester Square to attend Snow White and the Huntsman's world premiere as blogger for the first time! I have approached the PR agency that was handling the event and asked for accreditation and it was just awesome when I got a response a few days before the premiere stating I would get two premiere tickets as well to view the movie!

 The blogger's pen promised a good spot that's close to the action, a chance to come all dressed up and skip the over night camping and queuing in the rain (which some brave fans still did!) but it didn't promise meeting talent! (the stars) so fans actually had a bigger chance for pix and autographs. The event was set to start at 5:30 pm with the arrival of the stars and the pen was to open at 4:00 pm.

That was really convenient for I was coming to London the night before after a short visit to my parents in Cairo where I bought Kristen the ring I showed you as well as my sparkly jumper:)

I was supposed to pick up my access and tickets at 1:00 pm from the Odeon cinema tickets desk so I showed up an hour earlier to hang out, meet some friends and follow up on constructing the wonderful setting of what seemed like a huge black carpet that shaped half the square from the side of the Empire cinema at one point to the Odeon Cinema on the other. 

At first fans were lining up by the Odeon before they were moved to another spot between the Empire Cinema and the big m&ms store. I watched and took pix of the progress of constructing a beautiful SWATH forest in just a few hours! trees filled with black crows, grounds sprinkled with dried leaves and a lush blooming green forest in the middle ready with a long pen set for first class media just in front of the gates of the Empire Cinema!

The forest was materializing before my eyes and I had only one thought in mind; where would the bloggers' spot be? At 4:00pm things got more clearer as flyers for press members marked the positions and ours said "on line." It was just around the corner where the long central line up of the big media channels like E! and MTV was set and in front of the big screen that was displaying scenes from the movie before it started to show live broadcast of the event:)

In the mean time I got the chance to sneak out and take a couple of pix with MTV's Josh Horowitz and mbc's Raya Abi Rashed! They were both great and very welcoming :)

When it was time we got locked in our spots and I could see on the big screen every thing that took place at the blind spot to my left were every thing important took place. Kristen, Charlize,  the cast and director were coming out of there Limos and posing for the photographers at the gates of the Empire where the beautiful green forest lied, I was standing at the entrance to the dark forest lol!
 Then as the stars completed there rounds with fans, they stopped for interviews below the big screen, some stopped for interviews just around the corner to my left before heading inside of the Odeon Cinema for the SWATH photocall with the black and white print wallpaper.
I managed to take some good pix zooming on Charlize and Kristen having their interviews.

I got tons of pix of the cast on stage until some of them actually came over for pix and I got to take a couple of pix with the big boys Sam and Chris, Yey!

 I was hoping Kristen and Charlize would come over as well, Charlize did come closer and I took many photos of her and her gorgeous dress but unfortunately when Kristen was coming towards me looking me in the eyes, I was overwhelmed with excitement, I wanted so much to take a photo with her and give her the ring I got her for her birthday, suddenly a lady snatched her from her left arm and drove her away to the end of the pen to my right where a spot for the disabled was placed. I think I acted without thinking at this point and rushed to my right and called Kristen as loud as I could she looked back at me and I told her while stretching my hand "I got you a ring" she smiled and said "Thank you so much" and looked back to her body guard not HBG another angry one to take it from me...

 I gave the ring to that escort and tried to hang a bit for pix but I was shouted at to get back to the bloggers spot which was about 4 meters to my left and Kristen was taking pix at the disabled section about 5 meters to my right, the pen was almost empty by now.

 I got to take some cool pix of her talking to fans and changing into her Nike-s before she headed to the Odeon gates for the photocall and introducing the film. I was already late heading to the screening, as I entered the Odeon hall Kristen was right in front of me taking pix with two bloggers that were standing next to me in the pen. I was hoping she would turn around and I would manage to take a photo with her but two body guards sandwiched me and one pulled me from behind from my coat. The one in front of me was shouting "you better get to your seat, you can't take photos here" I told him I am with them and he said "no you are not, you are trying to take a photo of a star!" I was speechless and I was waiting for my sister in law who had the other ticket to show up so we could get in together so I just called her and got in while the cast lined up for their pix.

Inside the theater the cast came in to introduce the movie before they left to attend a second screening at the Empire cinema. As for the movie that's another story :)

The one thing I absolutely hated was to be regarded as a threat to Kstew, she was great but the way I was treated by her guards just spoiled that wonderful day for me.. but I got her thankful words for the gift on video and I got to show her my support as much as I can taking a break from work and flying to London just for her...
The upside was that I got to reunite with some friends I met at the Breaking Dawn premier and it was great seeing them once more :)
Haha thanx Chrissy for this pic, I love it:)
To Khaled and Dina thank yo so much for hosting me and for the lovely pix of me at the pen;)

With Angela, Chrissy and Lynne it was so great to see you again girls:) will catch up with you in November for BD 2 camp out;)

I will post gradually collections of pix as this post has already got too long :) hope I gave you an interesting account of my trip to the SWATH premiere, It was a great experience for me x apart from how it wrapped up.

Please credit back to my blog these are personal and exclusive pix of the event from my vantage point ... peace x

Check out 200 exclusive pix from The Cold One of Egypt HERE


JGM1721 said...

Lamiaa- How exciting!! You managed to do quite well this time. You are getting better and better- learning all the time.

The body guards are crazy!! So you were taking a picture of a star? Of course you were and so were the rest of the people there. That was really rude of them. I suppose they have a tough time keeping the crowds back. It's just as you said-- they were mistaken in thinking you were a threat. Because you are definitely not.

You did an awesome job reporting back. Congrats!!

JGM1721 said...

By the way, Lamiaa!! You looked fantastic in the photographs. Your outfit was very fashionable-- and you looked nice and slender. I don't know why you think you need to lose weight. Honestly-- you look stunning in the photos.

Apotamkin said...

thanks sweetie u always boost me xx miss u A LOT!

woobie said...

Finally found the time to read and watch through the London Adventure. Wow what a great report! I totally agree with Jan about the outfit! You looked great! The videos are fun and the pictures are a plenty. Awesome job! I told you, you are a professional now.

Apotamkin said...

haha woobie i know now for sure that i want to be a professional any where near entertainment I love it and i have always loved it! so happy u think of me this way and glad you and Jan enjoyed hearing about my crazy adventure. can't wait for my next one!

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