Friday, January 6, 2012

Funny Rob Interviews

 Just viewed some of Rob's funny moments and they just boosted my starting weekend so I thought I would share thanks to the lovely ladies at Robert Pattinson ...It's always been him for the first two:)

I don't know how this is new to me!


simone said...

ahhahaha! the two first videoes was so funny :P
i jsut have to say that i found this blog for about a week ago , and npw i read it every day! so thank you for having this bog <3 :)
(sorry if you dont understand wath i write, i'm from norway an i suck in english) :)


Apotamkin said...

Hi Simone thank you so much for commenting and for following my blog I love the last vids too Rob was so young and cute :) hope you always enjoy my posts:)) <3

lamiaa aka apotamkin

JGM1721 said...

No kidding, Simone-- but you do NOT suck at English. I am in awe of you guys who speak English as a second language. You actually have more of a command of the language that many of us native English speakers. Be proud of your skills and knowledge. You are doing great.

Apotamkin said...

thanx Jan!

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