Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Breaking Dawn of Egypt

Today was the Day of Salvation and saved we are :)))) Yes, We Did it! The tyrant is defeated and good prevails:) Egypt is now a free country, Egyptians are free people:))

Thank you all so very much for believing in us and for remaining faithful to my humble Twilight page :) It meant so much to me to see you didn't stop checking on Apotamkin my fellow twilighters.

President Obama's speech penetrated my heart and works for me perfectly well to close this era of pain,
God bless you all



JGM said...

Yes, he spoke the right words at the right time, didn't he?

Apotamkin said...

If the world embraces justice you and us will find our peace every wrong thing will end on its own accord. Yes!

Anonymous said...

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