Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rob's Tripping Gif!

:P thanx to rpattzdaily we have a capture of Rpattz's human weakness, he trips like us all:) but Rob can teach us how to trip with grace! watch and learn :D


haWa oMaR said...

i love ur blog! i love ur every post! i love edward so much!! i watched twilight (1st) hundreds time. i play the dvd every time i open my laptop. not watching the full movie but only parts i love. i adore edward cullen so much! i tried to love rpattz as much as i love edward but apparently it didnt happen. looking at this clip, i've come to finalising my thought which i've been keeping on denying all this while that Rob is human! Edward is not Rob. Edward is perfect. Rob is not! Ooh God, finally i am back to reality *sigh*

Apotamkin said...

hawa omar I can't tell you how happy I am to know that you appreciate what I do here I'm as addicted as you and even more which made me channel it into blogging because my love for the saga, Edward bella and all is so overwhelming I have to let it out. thanx for coming sharing , love lamia:)

Anonymous said...

Hey kids, Rob has one leg longer
than the other and this causes him to appear awkward. Are we so unkind
that it is necessary to get
humor out of this.

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