Friday, December 11, 2009

Hardwicke vs. Weitz!

The question of New moon vs. Twilight, which is better? Hardwicke or Weitz, who did a better job? Is completely subjective and the fans are divided just as the case is with team Edward & Team Jacob. But that won't stop me from posting my own review now that I have seen the movie 6 times and waited a decent period so as not to spoil the movie for any body so here it is!

  • I loved Twilight with its low budget, the soul, the creativity and spontaneity put into it was felt the zillion times I have watched it.
  • New Moon had to be gloomy, I know, but the Edward and Bella I've seen at the beginning were there to act and to carry on with a sequel of the unprecedented romance of Twilight, I didn't feel the necessary continuation specially with that knee long coat Edward was wearing.
  • Edward's hair, skin and eyes were a shock for me. The hair was shorter and darker; suddenly, he started walking instead of running, I don't know why! The cheap lenses of Twilight actually looked more natural to me, the new ones were bulging out of his eyeballs I wanted to reach out and pluck them. What happened to computer enhancement and what happened to the black pupils when vamps are hungry! attention to details people! Edward's skin wasn't pale white it was powdery bluish grey along with the volturi, just like our every day vampires! These are not our average daily vampires, lol! they are different from others of their kind!! so we were told and so we have seen and loved them for that. They are beautiful and tempting, to me all the new moon vamps looked too artificial to fall for. I don't need to go near the lipstick zone, right?
  • The breakup scene should have made me cry, I didn't, I wanted to! I swear I was psychologically ready but I was Cameron Diaz in the Holiday movie, I couldn't cry! I wanted the full new moon experience, but not a single tear and I cry for anything good or bad, seriously, I'm a major weeper! That's an achievement I guess, by the way did any one cry?
  • Though Catherine circled with the camera around E&B in Twilight that didn't make me feel dizzy and out of balance, I'm talking about the passing of time for Bella may be the intention was to make us physically sick to feel for Bella! in that case it worked!
  • The transitions between one scene and the other were abrupt more than once, we are in class suddenly Edward and Bella are standing with their back at the far end of the room. The plane then the Porsche racing, we are in Bella's room suddenly we are voting at the Cullens. I don't know why every scene was stretched though the dialogue was minimal, it was more like a let's speak English program!
  • A lot of work was put on CGI and the wolves, they looked great but I felt the lead black wolf was disproportionate in close ups, it's head bigger than its body, the legs longer than they should be, the ears were not moving naturally, the fur didn't look as soft as it should be, little adjustments could have made it look much better.
  • Why the Volturi were still living in their ancient bubble, I thought we should be getting away from an Underworld type of setting and throne. The key to Twilight's success was the breaking of the traditional image of vampires, Weitz brought back 'the classic', dragged Twilight back to that traditional zone and in my opinion that killed my high expectations.
  • I think Kristen Stewart saved the reunion scene with her astonishing "Chihuahua" shivers ( that's how she describes herself). Why in the world did that scene have to be 10 seconds long by which law or smart opinion. This is when EDWARD comes back! what happened to the footage we have been jumping up and down for before the movie was out, saved for DVD sales?! shame!
  • Taylor was great! Rob was stifled unfortunately! his amazing performance saved the Romeo reading scene but I don't know why it didn't work else where, the wool suit and the pullover underneath perhaps? those were unpleasant distractions.
  • Charlie was as cool as usual because no one interfered I guess.
  • I liked the new music, though I was hoping a trace of the Twilight score would still be there for a unified spirit.
  • The ending is open! I get it but it was toooo open or was it just like the book, I need to check!
Hope I wasn't too harsh, that's how I felt watching the movie I've been waiting and blogging for. Hope things get rectified in the third although Bella's wig isn't an optimistic sign! must go and carry on with my house chores :)

Lamia aka Apotamkin:)


Wael Ghaith said...

A good review!

Just Me said...

I agree with you on all of these points!! I hated the contacts for the vamps! I really liked them better in Twilight. I hope Eclipse is better but I have a feeling we are going to see more of the same. I miss Hardwicke. It seemed like she really got Twilight. Don't get me wrong because I did like New Moon but I don't think Weitz did as good of a job Hardwicke. ~KK

Apotamkin said...

@Just Me thanx 4 sharing your thoughts, i'm glad i'm not alone with this:) i love new moon too but there are things that you can overlook and others that you have to say if you really care because maybe someone would listen :)

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