Monday, April 15, 2013

My First Book "Anomaly" Goes Live!

My dearest Cold ones- I want to share with you my first book “Anomaly.” It is the fruit of 4 years of on and off writing and it is finally live! As I kept my passion for Twilight alive on this blog, Stephenie Meyer also inspired me to write, Rob and Kristen were my muse to learn photo edits, and here I am done with my writing and the design of my book cover, I really am thankful. 

The birth scene in Breaking Dawn I believe is influenced by the story I am telling in my book. It is a story that comes from the Bible and one that tells the experience of a woman and child who will defeat evil before the end of time.

There are secrets and there are signs that are hidden in the world, messages in holy books, arts and films like author Dan Brown tries to tell us in his stories some are rooted in reality and others are mythological. It is how a writer weaves reality with imagination into something original that makes a book worth reading. I hope I achieved that with “Anomaly;” I know I tried to create a story that makes sense to me and I tried to translate it into meaningful words that I hope will also make sense to readers.

To get published is an accomplishment that I am so proud of but to be liked is a dream I hope for.

Below is a press release I wrote that the publishers AuthorHouse will send to news agencies and that is the only marketing option I can afford right now but I am hoping I will get the support I am looking for from you by reading and reviewing “Anomaly.”

“Anomaly” is available for purchase and shipping now online at, Barnes & Noble, AuthorHouse book shop as an e-book, paper back and hardcover forms. Also, check out the photo album on facebook here.

"Anomaly" Press Release:
In “Anomaly: A Novella” Lamiaa ElKholy’s first novel celebrates the Divine Feminine through the heroine’s intellectual journey to unravel an end of time biblical prophecy of a woman and child saviors.
Readers join a Middle Eastern woman who finds her power in seeking knowledge and overcoming traumas, until she claims her identity and that of her child’s as the key figures from the mysterious prophetic story “The Woman Clothed with the Sun” in the Book of Revelations.
The novella finds innovative meanings in hidden messages left by the ancestors to guide humanity and warn of immortal enemies hell-bent on destroying the world.

An exclusive excerpt from the book: 
“The schemers knew the world was theirs until an anomaly occurred, until someone went against the norm and shook up their carefully designed reality. They had eternity on their side, mankind in the palms of their hands, and their plan set—but the signs in the skies kept haunting them. The timely meteor crossed over, brightening their skies and threatening the dark. On the day of the boy’s birth, it shone so bright, defying all.”

“Anomaly” delivers a psychological journey of self-discovery weaving fantasy with true events promising hope and rebirth that will have readers contemplate their own existence.

Hope you enjoy reading "Anomaly" can’t wait for your feedback xx

Lamiaa aka The Cold One of Egypt


JGM1721 said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to read it. You are so talented.

Apotamkin said...

thanx Jan xx i cant wait to hear what you think of it :))

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