Friday, March 23, 2012

First Trailer from THE HOST in HD

Check out Stephenie Meyer's The HOST has released its first movie trailer and it just looks super awesome! the score is hooking and the luminous ring around the pupils is just exactly as the book, WOw!

The first 2 official stills from the movie!

The Host is Meyer's first Sci-fi novel after the Twilight Saga, where the world has been taken over by alien body snatchers and only few humans survived. check out the full summery here.
The film lead cast are:


woobie said...

So you read the book? Did you like it and does have a HEA or are you left wondering at the end? Usually I am not a fan of post apocalypse or post alien takeover books or movies. I'm willing to give it a try though. There needs to be a longer trailer (even for a teaser, this short introduction is lacking).

Apotamkin said...

i loved it woobie and it has a great ending too but it is nothing like twilight there is a love triangle too. i agree there should be a proper trailer...this is not really a teaser to a movie we saw nothing from the movie but at least Melanie looks good :)

JGM1721 said...

The book was great. It also ended with the sense that something more - like sequels were to come. Stephenie has been too busy, though to finish it-- maybe she'll write some more. This story has way more to be told.

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