Thursday, May 5, 2011

Water for Me!

:) I just got back from watching Water for Elephants and I must say I couldn't work all day and I even got out in the middle of the day to get my ticket to make sure I won't miss seeing it on the day of its release here in Dubai.

I can't be objective about this film and I can't say anything in an attempt to say if they have done this things would have been better, the movie just oozes perfection.. I have never had such an emotional rush that left me so devastated and literally torn apart, wondering who would hand me water or spill it on me to bring me back to real life.

For Rob, he just did an amazing job and he is truly a killer soft guy, a human heart that keeps reminding us over and over life is not so generous!

Brilliant performance by Reese and Christoph who didn't over-shine Rob on the contrary they both helped bringing out the actor in him that was constrained so long to Edward.  Hal Holbrook did pull off an old Jakob perfectly well, some how the shape of his head and hight did it for me.

My favorite scene is when Jakob goes back for Marlena I loved that scene and I don't intend to spoil it for any one and won't give away the story because my ignorance contributed to my total enjoyment of it I completely had no idea where is anything heading, I'm just glad I have survived crying at every corner of it.

The best thing I did was that I went alone to spare myself the ogling and laughing at my reactions and believe me I was entirely involved.

Everybody speaks about Rosy (Tai) I really didn't feel she was directed which was the essence of this film's greatness and her intelligence.

A reporter once asked Rob why was it called Water for Elephants? I now know what water stands for; love, compassion and nonviolence. I loved the movie and I need me some water too! specially if my care giver is Cornell;)  


JGM said...

I really want to see this movie. I keep thinking I don't want to go by myself-- but you have tempted me enough with your review that I can't wait until it comes out in video. I will just have to bite the bullet and go.

Apotamkin said...

lol! yes bite it:) I just saw it again today with my family they were curious why I was so emotionally disturbed and they liked it a lot and they think it is Rob's best so far, and I think so too:)

JGM said...

Hey that is one good recommendation! Your guys liked it!! I am going to have to google and see what sort of press the critics out there who have nothing better to do than trash practically everything-- well, anyway-- wonder what they have to say!! Just curious as they usually make me mad enough that I totally do the opposite of what they suggest.

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