Sunday, February 6, 2011

God Bless their Souls

"Remember Me" in memory of innocent civilians who were shot during the peaceful calls for freedom 

These are the victims of live bullets to the heads and chests:

From the top left Mostafa El Sawy died of gun shot in the neck and chest.

 Karim Banona 29 sniper shot.

Seifalla Mostafa 16 gun shot
2nd row left to right: Mohamed Mahrous 29
Sally Zahran intercepted and beaten, died of brain hemorrhage
Ahmed Basiouny 31, killed in Tahrir Square

Bottom right to left: Islam Bakir 22 live bullets

Mohamed Abdel Monem Hussien 20, bullets to the chest and head

Hussein Taha 19 Alexandria

Mohamed Emad Hussein 23, three shots to the shoulder chest and head

Ahmed Ihab 25 live bullets

I apologize to Apotamkin's visitors for using my personal Twilight page to give a voice to my people, I know we are all here for Twilight. I am away from my home and the least I could do is share the ugly truth with the rest of the world and hope someone with the power to do something would eventually listen.

Thank you for bearing with me, How I would love to get back to my safe Twilight zone!



Anonymous said...

My heart grieves for the loss of those young people and what their families are going through right now and for everyone in Egypt who wants more for their country that what they have now.
God bless you and everyone in Egypt.

Apotamkin said...

amen:) thanx sweetie for your kind sentiments. we believe that praying for others has more power than praying for self. families are grieved but nevertheless they don't want to stop till the murderer is out. he is still playing games reshuffling his men so that it seems a change is taking place. All what the people want is the right to choose a leader and a government by fair elections is that too much for his democracy?

JGM said...

This is so tragic-- such young vital lives-- now lost forever! This is not acceptable and is the worst tragedy that life delivers to us.

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