Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday of Departure

Tomorrow Egyptians who survived 9 days of terrors gather to tell the whole world, the president must depart. 
Molotov cocktails, whips and swords on camels and horses were the latest tactics against armless protesters to stop them from coming tomorrow. 
Yes he never intended to run but polished his son to follow, a cold blooded lie to fool the world while stabbing the people.

To all the people who stood in solidarity with the Egyptian peaceful protest, thank you:)

Be Safe

the cold one of Egypt


JGM said...

Wow!! Powerful words that clearly show how evil Mubarak truly is. He needs to go. I sincerely hope the pro-democracy forces prevail in this.

Apotamkin said...

It is great to know Egypt has true representation I try too with my limited might:) wish one day i could go to states and be able to be myself without fear.

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