Monday, January 31, 2011

The World Supports Freedom

Egypt changes history in an unprecedented revolution. Millions are to sweep the streets until the tyrant and his ancient regime is thrown out. Reshuffling the government is not the change Egyptians are dying for nor releasing an army of vampires will stop them:)
Egypt and the whole world choose freedom and "Salam" Peace.

Giving a voice to my people who are shut out from the rest of the world
Lamia aka Apotamkin


Twilight FanArt said...

"Yo también apoyo la paz y la libertad" (I also support peace and freedom ^_- )

Apotamkin said...

thank you Sonia the people of the world do I just wish the rulers consider it too.

Anonymous said...

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JGM said...

From North Dakota, USA:

Egypt, I support you!

Apotamkin said...

:)Thank Jan!

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