Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Day of Anger
25th of January 2011
Egyptians revolt for their freedom, unity and dignity
Egyptians stand one hand against real life Volturies
Pray with me for my people
who call for


woobie said...

I'd like to hear more about this.
Does it have to do with your government? What kind of change. I wish for change, freedom and justice!

Apotamkin said...

The people are in the streets since yesterday revolting against 30 years of dictatorship CNN of the region is covering I don't know about the one in the US. Thanx for ur support woobie:)

JGM said...

Well, dictatorships do really suck. They are looking out only for the good of themselves, the people be damned! Power to the people in Egypt. I hope they will rise above and defeat the greedy elitist dictatorship.

I was thinking of you, Lamia when I saw this reported on the news yesterday. I hope your family and loved ones are safe.

Love- Jan

Apotamkin said...

thanx my sweet Jan I miss you terribly and thank you for your kind words we need every bit of support and you need to know armless Egyptians old women and children walk the street and get killed,beaten and kidnapped as I speak because they want to put an end to corruption, terrorism and true blood sucking. my people are fine which ever way this will go:) don't believe the lies we are not crazy, Egyptians are the kindest most patient and tolerant people and they will show every one who they really are. I am in Dubai but my heart is against evil in all its universal forms. forgive me I won't be posting anything till we restore back our freedom. love

Apotamkin said...
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Apotamkin said...

I hope the media wont try to misguide the world by turning the struggle of the common Egyptian people into another scenario of fanatics trying to replace allies that oppressed their people for 30 years.
There is a major media confusion the ...protesters are the common Egyptian people of all beliefs Christian, Muslim young and old, women and children who have been kept under the minimal needs for survival under 30 years rule of a tyrant government.
the people are fed up with corruption, violence and poverty it is totally driven by a desire to reform their "INTERNAL" regim please know that.
Egypt has been isolated today from the outside world they cut off the Internet, mobile phone services and access to social networks to stop a massive riot that has started today and they will try to stop it with every nasty means in their book possible.

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